Icon Spot Removal

Icon spot removal is a remarkable dental procedure that addresses pitted/ spotted teeth or early-stage tooth decay in a non-invasive manner. This innovative technique is especially beneficial for children, as it preserves their natural tooth structure and avoids the need for drilling or injections. Icon spot removal involves the application of a specially formulated resin infiltrant into the porous enamel of a tooth affected by white spot lesions or early cavities. The resin infiltrant works by penetrating and filling the tiny gaps within the enamel, effectively reversing the early stages of decay or hypomineralization and restoring the tooth's appearance and strength.

The beauty of icon spot removal lies not only in its conservative approach but also in its ability to provide immediate results. Children often feel anxious about dental treatments, but with icon spot removal, a pain-free and efficient solution exists that can often put an end to any dental concerns. By using a minimally invasive technique, icon spot removal can eliminate the need for more extensive interventions like fillings or crowns. This not only reduces the child's anxiety, but also instills a positive outlook on dental care, promoting a lifelong commitment to oral health.

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